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The Times, by imochan

TITLE: The Times
AUTHOR: imochan
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

Lupin makes a show of sucking his entire finger into his mouth: dust, newsprint, clotted sugar-cream and all.

"Augh," groans Sirius. "Why I bought that thing for you in the first place, I'll never..."

"Yeah," Lupin smiles, stands, patting him on the head. "Horrible waste of your hard-earned money made fucking around with Potter and throwing rocks at the pigeons on Ha'penny."

"Har-har, geroff," Sirius grumbles, squinting up into the shadow of Lupin's body, the dawn behind him like a dusty glow. He flicks a pebble out into the road – a horse and buggy creak by and a man with a pipe yells good morning to a portly woman in green tweed. There is fog in the sky, gold and lifting. "See you evening, then?"

"Aye, evening," says Lupin, with a finger to the tip of his cap, the one that's always been a little too big for his skinny, smudged face. "Do behave."