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King, by manraviel

AUTHOR: manraviel
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

When the box finally opened, all she heard was whispered chuckles and laughter. Then somebody picked her up and set her on the board.

The King remained blinking for a few moments in the sudden light, then winked at her before taking his place stiffly, a smug expression on his face. She ignored him. The rest of the pieces ambled to their proper squares.

The Queen lifted her head and saw a brown-haired boy looking at the board with wonder. His amber eyes twinkled with something more than just excitement. She haughtily twirled her sword, relishing in the fact that it was she he was looking at, and not the silly dark bitch from across the board.

“This – this is for me?” the boy exclaimed.

“Yes!” An excited voice, somewhere behind her, answered. Another boy. She tried to turn around to look at him, but her neck was still too stiff from lying in the box for so long. “I thought you’d like it.” A pause. “You do like it, don’t you?”