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Recs Ahoy!

The purpose of this journal is to have a simple place to try and collect links to as many excellent Remus/Sirius fanfics as possible...and get them organised!

With Deathly Hallows coming our way, we are right on the edge of the end of canon, and in my experience, with the end of canon comes a huge drop in fandom participation. I hope this won't be the case for any part of the HP fandom, but given how even after Half-Blood Prince there has been a decrease in R/S fan activity, I must be realistic. And so, I want to archive this all ASAP!

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The Times, by imochan

TITLE: The Times
AUTHOR: imochan
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

Lupin makes a show of sucking his entire finger into his mouth: dust, newsprint, clotted sugar-cream and all.

"Augh," groans Sirius. "Why I bought that thing for you in the first place, I'll never..."

"Yeah," Lupin smiles, stands, patting him on the head. "Horrible waste of your hard-earned money made fucking around with Potter and throwing rocks at the pigeons on Ha'penny."

"Har-har, geroff," Sirius grumbles, squinting up into the shadow of Lupin's body, the dawn behind him like a dusty glow. He flicks a pebble out into the road – a horse and buggy creak by and a man with a pipe yells good morning to a portly woman in green tweed. There is fog in the sky, gold and lifting. "See you evening, then?"

"Aye, evening," says Lupin, with a finger to the tip of his cap, the one that's always been a little too big for his skinny, smudged face. "Do behave."

Letter to a dead man, by nassima

TITLE: Letter to a dead man
AUTHOR: nassima
RATING: NC-17 (has alternative section rated G)
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.


King, by manraviel

AUTHOR: manraviel
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

When the box finally opened, all she heard was whispered chuckles and laughter. Then somebody picked her up and set her on the board.

The King remained blinking for a few moments in the sudden light, then winked at her before taking his place stiffly, a smug expression on his face. She ignored him. The rest of the pieces ambled to their proper squares.

The Queen lifted her head and saw a brown-haired boy looking at the board with wonder. His amber eyes twinkled with something more than just excitement. She haughtily twirled her sword, relishing in the fact that it was she he was looking at, and not the silly dark bitch from across the board.

“This – this is for me?” the boy exclaimed.

“Yes!” An excited voice, somewhere behind her, answered. Another boy. She tried to turn around to look at him, but her neck was still too stiff from lying in the box for so long. “I thought you’d like it.” A pause. “You do like it, don’t you?”

A Journey To Egypt, by such_heights

TITLE: A Journey To Egypt
AUTHOR: such_heights
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

Sirius has many names. He is Seirios to the Greeks, Sopdet to the Egyptians, Kachina to the Hopi. He appears in the Qur’an and illuminates the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Yet Sirius is dead.

He cannot be dead. He must be. Polar opposites of equal truth tear Remus’ head apart, and he needs to know for sure.

What lies beyond the veil? No one will tell him, although he’s sure Dumbledore knows.

Where is the truth?


It's Only Natural, by romanticalgirl

TITLE: It's Only Natural
AUTHOR: romanticalgirl
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

“I look ridiculous.”

“You look smashing. Drink.”

“The clothes don’t fit.”

“They fit you perfectly. Leather is supposed to feel like that.”

“Only shirt-lifters wear leather.”

Sirius bit back a snorting laugh. “And what do you think you are, Remus? I mean, I can’t be positive, being not the bookish sort, but I’m pretty sure wanting a cock in your arse classifies you as a shirt-lifter.”

“I just…”

“And, I must admit, the glasses are a fabulous touch. You look sexy but smart.” Sirius moved Remus’s pint closer. “Now drink.”

If Ever I Would Leave You, by krabapple

TITLE: If Ever I Would Leave You
AUTHOR: krabapple
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

"You're doing fine, Moony. Just hold onto my hands and keep gliding," Sirius said, all while having the skill and audacity to skate backwards across the Hogwarts' lake.

Remus almost closed his eyes again so he could concentrate on Sirius' instructions, but stopped himself at the last minute. He looked down at his feet in Peter's ice skates, and immediately wished he hadn't. That view showed him exactly what he was up against: thin silver blades against thick, snowy ice. Convinced the ice was going to win eventually, probably with a fall that would cause any number of broken bones and disgusting doses of Skele-Gro, Remus struggled against calculating the odds. Unfortunately, he was quite good at Arithmancy, and the ratio kept coming up 241:1 that he would walk away from this unscathed. He looked quickly back up at Sirius and noted that his friend's lips quirked up.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," Remus said, letting Sirius continue to pull him across the lake.

Beyond the Veil, by childofatlantis

TITLE: Beyond the Veil
AUTHOR: childofatlantis
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

"Moony." The word was on his lips without conscious thought. "Moony!" he called louder, looking frantically towards his friend. For a moment, his heart lifted in hope as Remus stood up; a second later it dropped again when he saw the other man was simply making his way to the broken-nosed boy. "Remus!" he shouted desperately. "Remus!"

Remus didn't so much as glance in his direction.

Moony! Please, for the love of Merlin, look over here! Just for a second! Remus!"

Remus was silently helping the injured boy to stem the bleeding from his nose. Moody paused momentarily to say something in his gruff way; Remus just nodded once without answering. Moody walked away. Remus glanced up, following him with his eyes, and for a second his gaze flickered over Sirius.

He looked back to the injured boy, and Sirius realised that he couldn't be seen, either.

Something Borrowed, by musesfool

TITLE: Something Borrowed
AUTHOR: musesfool
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

Just now, his favorite shirt was missing. If they were on speaking terms, Remus would scoff and ask him how he could tell the difference between one white, cotton shirt and another, but Sirius could, and did.

It was slightly larger than his other shirts, with more room across the shoulders, and had been washed often, leaving it exceptionally soft to the touch.

But really, it was his favorite because it was the one Remus wore most often. Remus liked his clothes looser than current fashion dictated, and since he was thinner than James and Sirius, frequently borrowed their stuff. Sirius had noticed the first time when he put the shirt on and it smelled like Remus. It was a subtle scent, slightly salty, with a hint of the woods, as if the forest had imprinted itself on him, even though he spent only the one night a month there.

Of course, the tea stain on the left cuff was also a clue. Sirius had been a little upset at the house-elves for bringing the shirt back spotless and starched. He needn't have worried. A week later, the right cuff was stained with ink. Remus was always dragging his sleeves through something or other, distracted by a book or a lively conversation.

In the three months since The Incident (and no one spoke of it, but it was definitely capitalized in Sirius's mind), Remus had stopped speaking to him, stopped looking at him, and most definitely stopped borrowing his clothes.

So the fact that the shirt had gone missing again was actually a relief.

A Slip of the Tongue, by musesfool

TITLE: A Slip of the Tongue
AUTHOR: musesfool
Other warnings or notes will be found on the fic itself.

The rumors had never bothered him, because they'd never stopped him from pulling, though James and Peter spent some sleepless nights worrying that the girls they fancied thought they were gay. Moony'd had other problems, and people thinking him gay had been the least of them. Of course, Moony actually was gay, whereas Sirius had never really looked at another bloke that way before.

Which didn't really penetrate the haze of "Oh, God, I'm in love."

Normally, whenever he fell in love (and at school he'd done so an average of three times a year; he was demanding, but not fickle), Remus was the first person he'd tell about it. Remus actually gave good advice despite his relative inexperience in matters of the heart, unlike James, who'd been feeling up girls since the age of thirteen but thought putting snow down their jumpers was the way to show you fancied them, until Lily had finally put him out of his misery.

He worried that maybe it wasn't quite right to make Remus figure out what he should do, but he'd never been one to let thought stand in the way of action. Remus would know, because Remus always knew.